Prosecco and Food: Easy Focaccia Pizza Recipe

Who doesn’t love bread? While it can be the downfall to many diets because carbs are the “enemy,” but we still love it and have a hard time passing it up. If you’ve ever been to a quality Italian restaurant, you may have had focaccia [...]

Wine Tasting Tips for Beginners

Do you love tasting wine but have a hard time distinguishing good from bad ones? Gone are the days of college where you picked up the cheapest bottle (or box) in the corner store and ran to the party. You’re an adult now and it’s [...]

10 Tips for Hosting a Brunch Party with Friends

The true test of being a functioning adult is hosting a party of food and company with your friends. Brunch is the most superior meal of the day and is usually one that people get excited over. We’ve compiled 10 helpful tips to get you [...]

Prosecco and Limoncello Cocktail Recipe

When someone says to think of a country, there are probably several aspects of that country that come to mind as well. Australia and kangaroos, Mexico and tacos, Italy and designer clothes are all combinations that would commonly be thought of.  Let’s take a closer [...]

Brunch Drink Idea: White Sangria with Prosecco

While the details are few and far between, traditional sangria can be traced back to Spain, Greece, and England (different variations), and dates back to the 18th century. Without many concrete details on the origins of the drink, many believe that the name stems from [...]

Five Best Fruit Punch Recipes with Prosecco

There are a few things that almost everyone can agree that remind them of childhood and growing up: sleepovers with friends, their favorite cartoons or songs, and fruit punch. There really isn’t more of an iconic kid drink flavor than the classic, red fruit punch. [...]