Does Wine Go Bad: How Long Does It Last?

Wasting a drink is frowned upon, and back in the college days, it was considered a “party foul” of the worst degree. Now, in adulthood, the childish antics of younger years are a thing of the past, but wasting our adult beverages now comes in [...]

Guide for Throwing a Wine-Themed Bridal Shower

Many traditions of a wedding are often just done without thinking too much about their origins. A bridal shower is an extremely common custom that is held to allow guests the opportunity to help make sure that the wedding will indeed take place. Either through [...]

Aperol Spritz Recipe with Prosecco

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10 Best Brunch Cocktails to Enjoy National Brunch Day

Whoever came up with the idea to combine breakfast and lunch, should be awarded the Nobel Prize for their contributions to the happiness of people. The midmorning meal has become so popular that the National Brunch Day is a highly anticipated holiday that many look [...]

7 Recipes for Your Wedding Shower Brunch

You’ve been given the wonderful honor of being the Maid of Honor for a loved one’s wedding. Well, with great power comes great responsibility and the MOH duties include quite a few things -- helping with wedding ideas, managing the bridesmaids, keeping stress levels down [...]

How to Open and Properly Pour Prosecco

When celebrating a significant life event, career milestone, or just a fun Saturday night with good friends, not much thought probably goes into how to properly open a bottle of bubbly, right? You may have decided to try the classic “shake it up and pop” [...]