Why You Should Invite Prosecco to Netflix and Pizza Night

Some nights you may feel like staying in and relaxing. That’s okay; not every Friday and Saturday night have to be wild adventures that last until the sunrise. Whether you’ve had a long week or just feel like being a homebody, we have the perfect [...]

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Breakfast Wine: How to Drink Prosecco with Breakfast

Coffee enthusiasts will tell you that there is nothing better than a fresh cup of deliciously roasted coffee in the morning, with breakfast. However, on weekends, there is a need for something a little more special to celebrate the wonderful occasion of being alive on [...]

Prosecco vs. Champagne: What’s the Difference?

If you’ve ever walked into a wine and liquor store and felt overwhelmed entirely, well, you’re not alone. The alcohol selection that lines the shelves at grocery stores, specialty shops, and even convenience stores is immensely vast and can be quite confusing to navigate. One [...]

3 Reasons Why Prosecco Is the Best Bubbly for Brunch

With winter breaking and the weather starting to turn perfect for another spring/summer season, it’s time to start making brunch plans once again. There is no better way to start your weekend than with a perfectly paired brunch spread with all the right fixings. Food, [...]

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Prosecco Mimosa Recipe for a Fantastic Brunch

You may have heard the new motto that many of the younger generations have been saying, “Saturdays are for the boys.” Well, if that’s true, then Sunday’s are for brunch and football. But, when a meal is so perfect in all aspects, why should we [...]

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