Best Prosecco Cocktail Recipes

Brunch Drink Idea: White Sangria with Prosecco

While the details are few and far between, traditional sangria can be traced back to Spain, Greece, and England (different variations), and dates back to the 18th century. Without many concrete details on the origins of the drink, many believe that the name stems from [...]

Five Best Fruit Punch Recipes with Prosecco

There are a few things that almost everyone can agree that remind them of childhood and growing up: sleepovers with friends, their favorite cartoons or songs, and fruit punch. There really isn’t more of an iconic kid drink flavor than the classic, red fruit punch. [...]

Aperol Spritz Recipe with Prosecco

Summertime is about soaking up the sunshine, spending time with family and friends, and creating lasting memories. Whether it’s a great meal, poolside or a night out, most great stories start with a drink or two and evolve into something great. The perfect summer cocktail [...]

St. Germain Cocktail Recipe with Prosecco

Diving into the world of cocktails can be a scary decision to make. Beer and wine are simple and very difficult to stray from because they’re reliable and consistent. There are only a few types of wines and a few types of beers, but when [...]

Prosecco Mimosa Recipe for a Fantastic Brunch

You may have heard the new motto that many of the younger generations have been saying, “Saturdays are for the boys.” Well, if that’s true, then Sunday’s are for brunch and football. But, when a meal is so perfect in all aspects, why should we [...]

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